The front panel inputs can affect channel routing.

The front panel inputs can affect channel routing.

Now things start to get surreal. But there is actually a good reason why the input jacks are in-between the two channels’ controls: how you use them affects how the channels work. This is probably the toughest thing to catch-on to about The Twin. So let’s break it down.

First there is Channel Switching Mode. Plug your guitar into one of the “Channel One Inputs” jacks. The push-pull knob for channel two’s volume becomes the channel selector: pull it out and the red LED for channel two lights. Push it in and the red LED for channel one lights. You can plug into both “Channel One Inputs” jacks to use channel switching mode, but the two jacks under “Channel Two Inputs” must be open.

Second, there is Dual Channel Mode. Just plug instruments into jacks on both sides, and you are instantly in dual mode with each channel operating independently.

Last, and the Really Special Thing about all this jack madness, is Parallel Channel Mode. Plug into the “Channel Two Inputs” jacks (but NOT the other side). BOTH red LEDs light up for both channels. Mix them via their respective volume knobs. This is like jumpering the channel inputs on a Marshall, except it’s built-in as part of the design.

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